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PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Enterprise education) is a subject that we believe is integral to our boys personal, social and emotional development at FBS. In a world that is complex for young people, PSHCE provides a safe environment for our boys to discuss current and sometimes controversial subjects, whilst learning how to remain safe and manage their personal and social lives in a positive way.

PSHCE is co-ordinated by Mr Missen ( and Miss Singh ( with a very close link to Enterprise, lead by Mr Browne. It is currently delivered on a Tuesday morning by form tutors through a Project Based Learning (PBL) format. The boys will be set a project and provided autonomy to complete this in their groups with the goal of presenting it at the end of every half term. This year’s first project is looking at how we can build a ‘fair society.’ We believe that giving the boys this independence is a great way for them to investigate a variety of important topic areas. 

Topic Areas

Half term


Content covered

Autumn 1/2

How can we build a fair society?

Democracy; rule of law; racist, sexist and homophobic language; prejudice and inequality; economic and social responsibilty.

Spring 1

Mapping my future

Year 7 - Setting up a small business Year 8 - Innovating & selling a product. Year 9 - Mapping a financial / career journey Year 10 - Grofar self assessment and work experience Year 11- 6th form applications and Grofar resources

Spring 2

How can I manage my wellbeing?

Depression, anxiety, self harm, physical health, cyber safety, wellbeing and hygiene.

Summer 1

How can I grow as a ‘Fulham boy’?

Growth mindset; neuroplasticity; study skills; revision plans.

Summer 2

How can we impact our nation?

Climate change; environment; community

Boys will also take part in two PSHCE afternoons over the course of the year, which will take place on the same day as parent consultations (to avoid taking up any curriculum or sports afternoon time). These afternoons will allow students to tackle subject areas in more detail. The topic areas here will cover: equallity and use of language (sexist, racist, homophobic); gang and knife crime; first aid; mental health; drugs and alcohol; and exam preparation.


Parents consultation year group

 PSHCE afternoon topic
PSHCE afternoon year group

Y11 Equality Y7

Exam prep



Gang culture and knife crime

Y7 Equality Y10



Carrer Pathways Y9

Drugs and Alcohol

Y11 First Aid Y7



Mental health Y8

Drugs and Alcohol



Mental health Y11



Gang culture and knife crime Y10

Y12 Revision Y11


RSE plan - 2019-20

Relationships & Sex Education is taught through a variety of means from Y7 to Sixth Form. 

In Y7 boys study a unit in RE on the way we are ‘Made in God’s image’ that covers and discusses topics such as respect, rights, hate crime, extremism, abuse and qualities of good relationships. They also study e-safety in Computing and reproduction in Science.

In Y8 boys study a unit in RE on the ‘Ethics of sex and relationships’ that covers and discusses topics such as sex, sexuality, marriage and stable relationships, gender and parenting. In Computing they consider how to use technology safely.

In Y9 boys take part in a 4 week course during PSHCE on relationships and sex. This is led by the chaplain and PSHCE team. Topics such as how we learn about sex, different types of sexuality and relationships, the importance of respecting everyone, the value of delaying sex, marriage and stable relationships, pornography, the law, consent, abuse, unwanted pregnancy, contraception and sexual transmitted infections are covered. The Christian and Bible’s viewpoint on the place of sex, the role and nature of marriage and good decision-making are considered throughout. They also do further study in Science on the reproduction system and contraception.

In the second half of Y10 and going into Y11 boys take part in small discussion groups (of around 8 boys) led by a mentor from an external RSE charity. Similar topics as in Y9 are covered, but over a longer period (5-6 sessions) and with greater chance for discussion. In Y11 all boys also study, as part of their RE GCSE, a unit on sex, relationships and families, and study reproduction in Science GCSE. . 
In Y12 boys take part in a unit that covers similar content to in Y9 and Y10/11, in an appropriate way for their age. It is led by the chaplain and Head of Sixth Form.

At every stage we are keen to communicate key information to the boys so that they can make good decisions, both now and for the rest of their lives. We also provide them with Christian viewpoints on some of these topics. At all points boys are encouraged to give their own opinions. There is also a lunchtime drop-in ‘chat’ club, Time To Talk, where boys can talk about these and other things, including how they are feeling. Our approach to RSE (and PSHCE more widely) is done with reference to the ‘Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education’ Department for Education guidance which will come into force from September 2020.   

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