At The Fulham Boys School we believe it is vital that ICT is integrated into our curriculum, in order to prepare students for the digital world around them, and allow them to easily access their work outside of school. We require all students to purchase or lease a Chromebook through the school. These devices allow pupils to access ICT during every lesson in the day, if required. This allows the boys to effortlessly access their school email and their Google Drive (cloud based) storage, to access resources and complete assignments via Google Classroom, and to make use of a plethora of Google Apps for Education to supplement and support learning both in school and at home.

Using such devices allows all of our students to access their learning and resources anytime and anywhere! All of our teachers make use of Google Classroom as a means of setting ownwork assignments, uploading resources and engaging in dialogue with students and amongst their peers.

All of our parents are invited to become Google Classroom ‘Guardians’ and receive daily or weekly ‘newsletters’ outlining the ownwork assignments that their son has been set which further enables parents to support boys with their learning and progress. Such a well established scheme allows our students to be able to effortlessly access a range of applications and websites to engage them with their learning as well as deepen their understanding of the topics that they have covered. To find out more about being a guardian please click here

The video below shows some of the ways G suite and Chromebooks and are used at FBS:


My child already has a laptop/Chromebook at home, can they use that instead?

No. These devices may not be fully compatibly with the Google apps and the add ons we use. Furthermore the devices we use have been tested to ensure that they are suitable for teaching and learning. All the devices we choose have the following features:

  • Last at least 6 hours on a single charge
  • Take less than 8 seconds to boot
  • Have been ruggedized to withstand small impacts
  • Are easy to manage
  • Work seamlessly with Google Apps

By having one type of device it also makes it easy to obtain parts to repair devices in the event they were to get damaged.

Why has the school chosen to use Chromebooks over other devices?

We initially used Ipads but found they did not support the academic vision We found that they were for great  consuming content but not for creating content.

Where can I find out more about the Chromebooks on offer?

To find out more about the Chromebooks options we have on offer please click here

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website