ICT and Chromebook Guides

At The Fulham Boys School we believe it is vital that ICT is integrated into our curriculum, in order to prepare students for the digital world around them, and allow them to easily access their work outside of school. We require all students to purchase or lease a Chromebook through the school. These devices allow pupils to access ICT during every lesson in the day, if required. This allows the boys to effortlessly access their school email and their Google Drive (cloud based) storage, to access resources and complete assignments via Google Classroom, and to make use of a plethora of Google Apps for Education to supplement and support learning both in school and at home.

Chromebook Guides

It is hoped that this page will provide a range of information that will support students and parents in relation to the use of Chromebooks. The Fulham Boys School is committed to being at the forefront of the use of ICT in school. The information that will be contained within these pages will develop over time and the majority of the information contained will be compiled and put together by students themselves.

How to use a Chromebook

How to log in

How to use Google Drive

How to use Google Mail

Frequently asked questions

How do you copy and paste on the Chromebooks?
Click with two fingers on the touchpad

How do I join a class on google classroom?

  1. Type in classroom.google.com
  2. Get code from your teacher
  3. Press the + sign at the right hand corner
  4. Then type in your code
  5. Then it will go on to the classroom

Is there a quicker way to log out?
(Hold) ctrl, shift (tap) Q twice

How can I share my work on google docs with other people?
You click the 'share' button in the top right corner and then write the person's g-mail address.

How do you take a screenshot?
Hold CTRL at the same time as the screen switch button

I keep forgetting my password. What's an easy way to remember it?
So you don't forget your password go on this link

How do I make more slides on google slide?
Press ctrl then press m to make more slides

How do I do a spellcheck on Google Docs/Slides/etc?
Go to Tools in the top bar and click 'Spelling.'

How do I revoke/change access permissions from someone I have shared my work with?
Click ‘Share’, select the person you wish to change by clicking the button on the side, and choose whether you would like them to be able to ‘View’, ‘Edit’, or ‘Comment’. To remove them from being able to view, click the X near the side of their name.

How do I take a screenshot?
Push Ctrl +

How do I log off?
There are 3 different ways to log off

  1. Hold the 'power' button on the top right of the keyboard.
  2. Drag your cursor to the bottom right of your screen and click. Then drag your mouse to 'Sign Out' and click.
  3. Use the keyboard shortcut: CTRL + SHIFT + Q (x2)

How do I turn on Caps Lock?
Push Alt +

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