Pastoral Care

The House system at FBS is fully embedded and is a well established part of the school’s ethos. Each student on roll at The Fulham Boys School is allocated to one of 4 school houses (Brunel, Dickens, Liddell and Wilberforce). Each of these houses is overseen by a Head of House. This member of staff is responsible for overseeing the pastoral development of all boys in their house. Within each school house there are 5 ‘vertical’ tutor groups. This means that boys are in tutor groups with students from years 7 to 11 (6th Form students are in separate forms; but each of these is still attached to one of the main school houses).

On a day to day basis students aim to accrue House Points for excellent effort in class or exceptional contributions to school life. Students aim to try and maximise their own house points for pride but they also try to support their house in competing for the annual House Trophy. In addition to boys individual house points contributing to the House Trophy there are a range of house competitions that take place over the course of the year including rugby, football, cricket, Eistedfodd, Swimming Gala and Sports Day to name but a few.

Student leadership plays an important role in informing decisions and the running of the school. Every year students in each school House vote to elect their student House Captain and two Vice Captains. These students chair house meetings with their peers as well as feeding back in regular meetings with the Headmaster. Students across all school Houses are also appointed as FBS Guardians. These students are in school to play a supportive role to other students and ensure that they are offered support through their peers if deemed appropriate by Heads of House.

The school has a comprehensive range of support strategies for any students that may be experiencing difficulties at times that include a Form Tutor Mentoring, PEPSO mentoring, Chelsea Champion Mentoring, ELSA support, School Counsellor, Kooth online counselling, Art Therapy and Learning Mentors.

See click HERE to find your son(s)'s Head of House and Form Tutor details.

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