The Fulham Boys School’s GCSE results: August 2019


79 Year 11 pupils sat their GCSEs in June 2019.  

FBS boys secured 43 of the top level 9 grades.  These include strong performances in both science and humanities. 

Results at level 7 and above (A*-A) were gained by 47% in Biology, 53% in Chemistry and 41% in Physics; by 44% in  RE (with 31% an 8 or 9), by 37% in History (with 29% an 8 or 9) and by 35% in English Literature.

This first cohort of FBS students included 33% on Pupil Premium. Their results show a stronger performance than their non pupil premium peers in both English and Maths at level 5 or above, including level 9s gained by 12% and 8% of pupil premium students respectively in these subjects.  

Overall 90% gained a level 4 or above in English, including five at level 9 and 57% gained a level 4 or above in Maths, including four at level 9. The results for English and Maths combined are 57% at level 4 + and 38% at level 5 +.

Individual success stories include five students gaining at least three level 9s,  one pupil with a statement of SEN gaining good passes in all subjects, and one pupil who started Year 7 speaking no English gaining five level 9s and 4 level 8s.

Headmaster Alun Ebenezer commented:

“Our first cohort of GCSE students have shown that boys can achieve top grades regardless of their background, and that they can bring those results home in the arts and humanities as well as the sciences. Our English results positively reflect our whole school approach to literacy and our encouragement of a love for literature.

“The statistics hide some extraordinary tales of endeavour, for those who achieved the top grades and those who gained their passes alike. Our first intake were wonderfully diverse in their talents and academic abilities; these boys were unsure whether FBS would be opening for them in Year 7, they’ve coped with uncertainties over site, they’ve been the ‘first’ to do everything.   My thanks go to them, their parents and our staff for their resilience and effort. 

“I’m particularly encouraged that our boys gained such a breadth of top grades, in the arts as well as the sciences, and that our pupil premium students have performed so well.” 

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