FBS provide an academic curriculum, with innovative methods of delivery to appeal to the learning styles of boys.The curriculum features the core subjects of English, Maths and Science as well as French, Geography, History, RE, Art, Physical Education, Computing and Drama.In Years 8 and 9, boys are able to take up Spanish in place of either Art or Music and ICT/Computing. There will be further opportunities for arts, music and languages in co-curricular sessions.High expectations are placed on all students, parents and staff to ensure our boys make academic progress and are successful. We are committed to recruiting outstanding teachers who will bring the best out of boys – teachers with excellent subject knowledge, who can bring their subject alive.

Please see our Curriculum Overview document for the school. Students and staff will be using the contents of this document throughout the academic year.

Please see our Welcome to GCSEs document for all KS4 pupils.

Please see the Department pages for a breakdown of curriculum. Please contact Heads of Department for any queries relating to curriculum.

Assessment and Reporting

Frequency of reports:

At FBS we will report your son’s progress levels twice per year, these reports will follow a formal examination week. One report will follow the Autumn term, the second will follow the end of year exams.

What is reported:

The report includes a grade for his most recent examination in each subject. This grade is levelled from 1 to 9 in line with the GCSE grading system. Boys are expected to make at least one grade of progress each year (although this can be exceeded) which means if he achieves a grade 2 at the end of year 7 he will be on track to achieve at grade 6 in his GCSE. Students are expected to prepare for all assessments by using the resources on the revision classrooms for each subject they study.

We measure progress between each examination and have detailed conversations with the boys and parents about what needs to be done for him to make progress in line with, or exceeding his potential. However, we do not give the boys individual target grades each year as we believe all boys can achieve and we do not want to suppress their aspiration in any way. 

Boys are also given a score from 1 to 5 in three key areas: Effort, Behaviour and Ownwork in each subject. 
1 = Unacceptable 
2 = Coasting 
3 = Good 
4 = Excellent 
5 = Outstanding 

As one of our three pillars we also report on how enterprising your son has been in every subject he studies. This is rated Bronze, Silver and Gold which relates directly to his enterprise log. In each subject he is required to contribute enterprise evidence towards his enterprise log and as part of the report each teacher will judge how well he is achieving towards this in their subject area. 

Parent Consultations:

At FBS we believe that meeting with parents regularly to discuss the progress of the boys is essential. This is why as well as reporting progress grades we will invite you to school twice in the year for a full parent consultation where you will have the chance to meet with all of your son’s teachers. This is the opportunity to discuss his behaviour, attitude and learning as well as agree how you can work with us by supporting him at home to meet his potential. 

These meetings are booked online via the Parent Portal ISAMS cloud, which allows you to pick your preferred time slots with each teacher. This book is opened well in advance of the days and you will be notified by email to book your appointments.



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