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In Summary

Boys will book/ arrange two weeks of work experience during Y10/11. A minimum of one week of work experience (ideally two) will occur in Year 10 but two weeks in total must be completed. Exam and exam feedback weeks will be restricted and work experience cannot take place.

Guidance for Parents – How to assist your son in obtaining careers experience

Key points to keep in mind:

  • Work experience should happen (where at all possible) during Enterprise Week (9-13th July 2018) and school holidays. Placements can occur during term time but only by agreement with the school. An application for leave can be made via email to Mr browne who will then confirm with Mr Ebenezer.
  • Career experience placements might be made up of a range of different types of placement/ opportunity, including but not limited to: attending careers days and conferences, visiting universities and university departments, job shadowing at various employers, helping out at youth clubs and other voluntary organisations.
  • The aim is to help FBS students to become more aware of the range of opportunities that are out there. As such it is unlikely that a 5-10 day placement would be a sensible option. Most people do not end up doing the job that they thought that they would when they were 15! Instead we suggest that students seek 2-3 day placements. We have found that placements are happy to offer shorter periods of time and so there is more choice by using this approach. 
  • Documentation: Parents and placement provider both need to complete a copy of the Work Experience Placement Form that must then be returned to the school two weeks prior to the placement commencing. Work Experience Placement Form

How do I help my son find a provider of careers experience?

Some placements will be family friends and so this is easy. If he has an idea of where he wants to go (but you don’t have a contact there) then simply get in touch with the employer and find out what they can offer (if anything). It might be they can help in the future but not now – some won’t take people until they are 18.

Once you have got an indication that they can help then contact the school and we can help organise paperwork. There is a form that we need to get completed by parents and the employer in order to ensure that we are legally compliant. This form will also involve a parental declaration that The Fulham Boys School will not be responsible for your son while on placement. By completing the form (see bottom of page) the placement will provide us with information about their liability insurance and ensure that your son is not listed as ‘unauthorised absence’. 

FBS has lots of contacts and so can help boys to find something suitable if they enquire with enough notice. To do this they should speak to Mr Browne.

Below is a list of employers in the area that we know provide placements and you can approach directly:

  • Tesco
  • Zizzi
  • At Your Service
  • Work Zone
  • Flashbay
  • Powerday
  • London Plus Credit Union
  • SJM Landscapes
  • Burleigh College
  • Motive8
  • Construction Skills Centre
  • John Lewis
  • Denbre
  • Orlight
  • Dorsett Hotel
  • Ark Home Healthcare
  • Amorino
  • The Hospitality Company
  • Marcus Waring Restaurants
  • NCS The Challenge
  • Publove
  • Aonyx
  • St George
  • Capel Manor College

Other offers:

Many more available in Finance, Advertising, Entertainment and more – view here

Specific offers

BBC Wimbledon

John Lewis 5 day placement, White City – working alongside Selling Assistants and under a Selling Section Manager on the shop floor. Students will be treated like a Partner from start to finish and expected to learn what sort of business John Lewis is, how they do business and why they do things the way that we do. At the end of the 5 days, students will have a meeting with their Line Manager and Operations Manager to reflect on their experience and share what they have learned.

John Lewis are happy for the students to complete the JLWC 2018 Work Experience Contact Details Form and send it back via email ( or drop it off in store at Customer Services and then John Lewis will contact them soon after to let them know if we secured a placement at the store.

What sort of email could I send to an employer in order to enquire about the possibility of work experience/ job shadowing?

Where possible we would like boys to make contact themselves. They have had several hours this year to work on this and many boys have had success when approaching directly. Below is a stock email that your son could adapt.

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I am a student at The Fulham Boys School and am contacting you to enquire about the possibility of arranging some job shadowing. I am looking for 2 or more days (in order to get a sense of what the industry is like) during the week 9-13th July.

I am interested in visiting you because….<explain your reasons for wanting to visit these people specifically>
You will find that I am…. <something about your personality and enthusiasm>
Thank you for taking the time to consider my request.

Yours sincerely,

How do I help my son think about the kind of placements that he might like to obtain?

Key questions to stimulate discussion - Do you want to work/ do you see yourself working:

  • Indoors, outdoors or a mixture of the two?
  • During the day, night or a mixture of the two?
  • Alone, in a team or a mixture of the two?
  • In an office or another environment?
  • In a suit, casual clothes, overalls, sports clothes?
  • Operating machinery, completing technical tasks, using a computer?
  • In the same place every day or travelling around the country/ world?
  • In a job where you get lots of time for holiday or not?
  • In a job where you work regular weekends or not?
  • Dealing with the public regularly: face to face or via email/ phone?
  • In a job where ethics and values are important features of your work?
  • In a job that is a service, manufacturing, consultancy?


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