Posted on 06/12/2017


Guest blog by Miss Mella Monti, Teacher of English and Form Teacher in Liddell

After three years at the British school of Madrid I was ready to embrace a new challenge and a new free school with big claims seemed just the ticket. Moving back to London from sunny Spain was a bold move, but three months later and despite the rain, the infectious enthusiasm of The Fulham Boys School has won me over. Despite the long days and the busy calendar, I am already pledged to this powerfully alluring East Australian Current of tenaciousness and perseverance that makes FBS stand out.

My Boys: I have never worked in an all-boys school and in the build-up to September I was apprehensive. Fortunately, I soon discovered that teaching boys is highly rewarding. Only at FBS are doors opened for me, books handed out and collected without prompt and only at FBS does a Year 9 student pop his head in at close of play every day to say: “Have a good evening, Miss.” As my sister pointed out when someone asked her how I was finding my new school: “Well, she’s calling them my boys!”

The Pillars: If you’ve ever interviewed for a job you will know that sometimes the marketing strategies adopted on the company website do not play out in the workplace. But at FBS it’s not like that; Christianity, Boys and Enterprise are lived and breathed by everyone who walks through the metaphorical pillars at the school gates. All of us – staff and students – live by our FBS calendar of values and we do so enthusiastically and genuinely. They are true and honest because their goal is to guide our boys to be the moral, humble, questioning, fair, selfless, confident, proud when successful, brave when unsure and remorseful when wrong young men of tomorrow.  

The Journey: The enterprising ethos is not just reserved for the student body; it is an integral part of the culture of the school and means that where students have Enterprise Projects, co-curricular clubs and opportunities to question (Christian Union) and bond (Lads and Dads), teachers and support staff can join Book Club, Google Group, Marking Parties, Teachmeets and so on. The list is endless because underpinning all this is the incessant desire to improve and serve others that is shared by everyone who walks into this bee-hive of activity. Having joined FBS whilst it is still in its early years is exciting. Although it has taken its first steps, excelled in its first exam and welcomed its first cohort of blooming Year 10s, there is still part of the journey to be had. As they say, it is the journey that matters and I’m glad I took that flight from Madrid.


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