Posted on 02/09/2014

This is it

This is it.

All the recruiting, planning, policy writing, meeting, campaigning, lobbying and fighting is done. Now it really starts. In a matter of days FBS will open its doors to the first ever Fulham boys.
A lot has been said, promised and pledged over the last few weeks, months and years. But when I take stock, what is the most important thing for us to focus on as we gear up for the off? For me, it is without doubt our ethos; this is the one thing that will make FBS stand out from all the rest and establish us as one of the very best. Everything about FBS will be ‘geared towards boys, built upon Christian principles and nurturing enterprise’. This ethos is in our very DNA and has to be the driver in everything we do.

This week, as the staff fine tune schemes of work and lesson plans; as we consider together how we will manage behaviour, and agree the programme of co-curricular clubs, the consideration is always “is it geared towards boys?”. FBS will not be a school where boys are somehow fitted in. Rather, FBS will be a school fitted around boys. Enterprise will not be something our boys do, but what our boys are. Enterprise will not be confined to Wednesday afternoons or the last week of the summer term, but our boys will bring a spirit of enterprise into everything they do. This is what will drive them on to being huge successes creatively, academically, in business, on the stage and on the sports field. Socially, it is what will make them put others before themselves, be good neighbours and assets to their communities. This social enterprise ties in with the Christian values we want to encourage in our boys – hard work, kindness, fairness, unselfishness, honesty, patience, respect and self-control. But more than that, we want our boys to be thinkers; not to be simply seduced by, and accepting of, the culture and thinking of the day but to question it and improve it.

With this ethos, FBS will be capable of achieving anything over the next few years, and who knows what some of our boys will become? We have had many calls and emails from parents over the last few weeks asking what their son needs to bring on the first day. The most important thing they need on that first day is the spirit and attitude I have just described; and then they need to bring it every day for the next seven years. I look forward and am excited about shaking hands with every boy as they enter FBS a week on Monday, knowing that if they come to the school with that spirit I could be shaking hands with future England sportsmen, stars of the West End, captains of industry, and even a future prime minister. This is it boys!


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