Posted on 08/10/2014

Singing while we’re winning

Our Open Day and Open Evening were big successes last week.

Over the four sessions there were lots of highlights. Many parents commented on the quality of the teaching and learning they saw. Others were impressed with the professionalism of our young tour guides who led groups of parents and their sons around the school. Sebastian and Theodore spoke so eloquently and confidently about their first few weeks at FBS. But for many of us, the show was stolen by the musical performance.

Whilst sport plays a huge part in the life of FBS, we are also determined to develop a vibrant music and drama department. We think it is important to have a choir, orchestra and band; and to put on annual concerts, musicals and plays. We want our boys to sing and dance and act. As well as bringing a ‘feel good factor’ to the school and a sense of pride, these things build confidence and self-esteem, which is transferred to other areas of the curriculum.

On Thursday evening it was wonderful to see the first green shoots of this aspect of FBS. After only two rehearsals with Mr Burns, I was proud to see so many of our boys stand in front of such large audiences and sing their hearts out, ably accompanied by some of our other boys. Several people have said to me over the last year, “you’ll never get boys to sing”. Thursday night showed that within the ethos we are creating and under the direction Mr Burns anything is possible. I cannot wait for the Christmas concert. By then the instrumental lessons will be underway, choir practice in full swing and singing in assemblies taken as read.

The boys have got their first rugby fixture this week. If it all comes together, we’ll be ‘singing while we’re winning.’


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