Posted on 07/11/2016

‘Our Brother’ School Show

Last year some boys took part in the School Show, Our Brother. It was based on the book we read on World Book Day called Refugee Boy but it also linked in really well with the crisis of immigration and explained the life of a boy who migrated to England from a place of conflict. It was a fantastic experience as we tried extremely hard practising lines and scenes, sacrificing our sports afternoons and lessons but it was definitely worth the time and effort. We were also very fortunate to have our assembly hall transformed into a stage and a terraced seating which looked very professional and very memorable.

We didn’t have a lot of time to prepare for the show and we were still working and improving some scenes on the day of the play. It was very exciting when we heard our audience from backstage but also quite scary because we wanted to nail it. Unfortunately on the first night I made a big mistake but I didn’t give up and the next night I redeemed myself and didn’t make the same mistake. At the end of the our second show we felt a lot of pride and excitement. Thank you to Mr Burns, Miss Burns and Miss Duck for helping us to achieve what we achieved.
Leo De Long

The school play “Our Brother” was a brilliant success and I would love to do it again. I enjoyed every part of it. I played the role as one of the lead character’s friends. We worked on the school play for half a term and through lessons. When we worked as a small group we worked really effectively.

Our school play was about refugees. Refugees are important to our school; at World Book Day our whole school read Refugee Boy by Benjamin Zephaniah. We then completed exercises and shared to the school. On the night of the school play lots of parents turned up and it was a massive success. On the first night I had to play two roles as another child couldn’t do it. The night still went really well. Miss Burns, Mr Burns and Miss Duck all worked really hard on the play and made everyone perform to the fullest. Overall it was perfect.
Harvey Adams


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