Posted on 30/11/2016

Inside Story

This is a guest blog by three FBS students who joined us at different times, offering their perspectives on school life.

New kid on the block – Charles Fitzherbert, Year 7

My first half-term at The Fulham Boys School has been amazing and great fun but also at times, quite tough. I would call it a bit of a roller coaster. I have made some superb new friends and learnt more in class. The headmaster and teachers have done a really good job of making such a good school. I really like the teachers because they are all very friendly and helpful.

However, not everything has been that easy. Going to secondary school is an enormous change. Firstly, my school hours are much longer than before. We finish the day at 5:00pm after clubs. Secondly, I used to feel so big in my primary school but now I am in the bottom year and it feels, in a way, as if I am starting all over again! Eventually, you get used to it because the time just flies by.

I really like the idea of the enterprise and the Christian value of the week because it is unique. It really makes the boys think of what they could do this week It also helps them remember very important Christian words and skills that will be needed in later life.

At break I really like that we can buy ourselves a snack for example a cookie, and even a Yazoo which I really like the taste of because they are just so delicious. This helps me energize until lunch to keep me going.

One of my favourite things about Fulham Boys is the lunches. From pizza to meatballs, what else could you want? Even if I sometimes do not have much time to enjoy them: I am learning the piano and the saxophone and the lessons occasionally take place at lunch time. I also have drama classes which I have never done before and really enjoy. They are a fun change from my serious lessons and let me be anyone I want to be and even Mrs Trunchbull!

The co-curricular clubs are compulsory unlike most other schools. However, I believe that this is a good thing because they are so interesting. I have done board games and rowing but so far my favourite is cooking. We get to bring the food we make home such as cakes and pizza!

I think the Chromebook scheme is incredibly helpful because they encourage you to learn and to research. The only downside is how much they weigh in your school bag. Sometimes when I leave home in the morning I feel as if I am in the army!

I have done so many different sports, including badminton and rowing, both for the first time. I have also played basketball and rugby. I love rugby because there is no better feeling than dodging past people and streaming through the last line of defence. The playground at school is very lively and full of loud conversation and people joking.

The school also offers great trips. I went to Belgium and France to see where the Battle of the Somme took place and it was something I will never forget. We set off from school at 6.45am and travelled by coach and ferry to Belgium via France. We were there for two days and visited cemeteries and monuments where the atmosphere was very silent and respectful. Best of all were the trenches because we experienced how tough the soldiers’ lives were in those conditions. This trip has probably been the highlight so far. It was educational and enjoyable and I loved sleeping in a dormitory with three fellow Fulham Boys. If anything I would like to go there again!

Fulham Boys School is a really fun school. The friends are easy to make and the food is just the best the food can get. The sports here are amazing. As I am a sporty person I am overjoyed that we do a total of four in a half hours of sports a week. The trips are great and the teachers are fun. Overall, this is a scary roller coaster which always thankfully ends fine.

Joined the party late – Andre Peters-Osei, Year 7

My first half term or so at The Fulham Boys School has been wonderful! I have enjoyed school thoroughly since I joined in October, and have made many friends. I was nervous-not really nervous, but a little nervous when I walked through the gates into school. I have settled in well and love my class 7H, because they are a nice and friendly bunch and have welcomed me with open arms.

One word to describe Fulham Boys School: Phenomenal! The best experience ever. I joined just before the October holidays, and I now feel at home. On the first day I recognized a few faces, but I did know many. It is such a friendly surrounding here, it was so easy to make friends and everyone is very socially interactive. I also like co-curricular system which allows you to do clubs during school. At the moment I do hockey, judo and coding. I like judo the best because it is fun and you learn lots of different techniques of self-defence. I really hope I get into cooking next term because I enjoy a bit of cooking –I’m a great chef and I can cook lots of different foods, (toast…) In lessons I love it, normally I don’t love homework, but enjoy the ‘ownwork’ here. I’m now working on a history project to make a sword or a shield for the Battle of Hastings re-enactment, it’s amazing working on the project.

I am now finding my feet here, and now can really say I’m a true Fulham Boy! The enterprise and Christian value of the week is helpful, because you can refer back to these values in lessons. I took part in the Remembrance Day service on the 11th November, and this was a real insight into the Fulham Boys School faith. I like the conduct card house points system: it very effective as it encourages boys to strive and get house points to help their houses win the house cup. I have eight house points and no signatures, and I hope to get many more house points!

The lunches here are the best, much better than primary school, like today shepherd’s pie 10/10! The cookies in the morning are so unique and nice I normally get the chocolate-chip flavour-golden. However I do like to eat the Bear Yoyo’s (blackcurrant is my favourite). It’s funny at first break all the kids run out to get a cookie (me included). I’m in Liddell house and I enjoy working as a team to collect house-points so Liddell have a chance of winning the house cup. Come on Liddell! The Chromebook system is also very effective and allows us to use the internet to enhance our education. My favourite lesson is either Chemistry, art or English. I like Chemistry because you learn so many different things about the world around us and the elements. But my favourite thing in Chemistry is doing practicals; only last Monday we were using a bunsen burner to burn gas to see what colour it burned, therefore identifying what type of gas it is. I like English because I like writing stories and using techniques to improve our vocabulary, I also quite enjoy debating which links in well to English. I consider myself the creative type, so I enjoy art and painting. We are doing the primary, secondary, and double primary system. I now feel I have settled in and I’m at home at Fulham Boys School!

Old timer – Max Wilson, Year 9

My name is Max and I’m a year 9 student at The Fulham Boys School. I have been at the school since it opened in 2014 and I still feel incredibly lucky to be a pupil at FBS. I can hardly believe I am approaching my GCSEs, about to make my choices for year 10 and 11. Deciding what I want to do in the future, at 13, is a challenge but this year has been very exciting. The recent aspirations afternoon, where 46 professionals came in for a kind of ‘careers speed dating’ event, was brilliant. It’s the latest example of how school has helped me to grow, ‘be myself’ and look forward. It also made me think about how far we’ve progressed since the start of year 7.

At the start it felt very strange and peculiar, as there were no other years in the school. We were the oldest and the youngest. The first FBS boys to try out the clubs, to form a band, to compete wearing FBS strips, to captain our houses and to learn about that ‘have a go’ ethos.

We’ve still got no older boys, other than our interns, but we’re getting used to having younger years. The first year that the now Year 8s came in was very interesting to see how they reacted – and how we reacted to having another year in our school. At first it felt like they were taking over. The building began to feel a little more cramped and the teachers were a little busier. This year, it changed substantially again. There were new teachers, heads of house, new classroom blocks and another year group of new boys. They have settled in now and have bought into the ethos of the school.

Overall life in Fulham Boys has definitely changed over the years.  What was a small one year school has evolved into a three year school with a new permanent site to start building on and new boys to make the school’s legacy continue.


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