Posted on 28/10/2014

Hard work but worth it

Sir Michael Wilshaw, the head of Ofsted, hit the headlines this week with his comments that many Headteachers are too soft on unruly pupils, and that there is an acceptance of low-level disruptive behaviour in schools.

I cannot believe there is a school in the country that is happy to have unruly pupils. Every headteacher would love to have high standards of discipline. Behavioural problems are what get teachers down the most, and what make or break a school’s reputation in the eyes of parents and the community.

So why do so many schools apparently accept poor behaviour and settle for low standards? Because to get and maintain the highest standards is hard work. It requires every member of staff to enforce these standards day in and day out. It relies on every parent to support the school in executing these standards, even when it is their child having to toe the line or do the punishment. Not easy for anyone.

At FBS we are committed to setting and maintaining the highest standards. We are fastidious about how our boys arrive and leave school, how they walk in the corridors, how they eat their lunch, how they behave in lessons, how they conduct themselves in assemblies.

The staff know that, for the first term at least, getting the standards where we want them to be will be hard work. This week some boys have had detentions – for ownwork not being done well enough, for being disorganised, not concentrating hard enough, being a bit silly, not wearing uniform correctly. Boys have spent time internally excluded for not following instructions, for being unkind, for allowing tempers to flare. Some parents have been asked to come in to discuss their son’s behaviour. I need to deal with two boys on Monday morning about the way they behaved on the way to the tube on Friday afternoon. Relentless. Hard work. Time consuming. At times seemingly obsessive, hard line and pernickety. But when those standards are instilled, boy will it be worth it!


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