Posted on 20/10/2015

Guest Blog: Don’t You Wish You Had a Crystal Ball?

A guest blog written by Tessa Branscombe, one our pupil’s parents

“There are times where you wish you had a crystal ball, just to be able to double check you have made the right decision. Two years ago I certainly did.

We had a choice to make; choose an established school, or take a leap of faith and select The Fulham Boys School as our first choice. We chose Fulham Boys.

I will admit we were nervous. We had looked at lots of schools, done our research and made copious notes. Whilst we did not have lot to go on, we just knew Fulham Boys was the right school for our son.

Looking back I have asked myself, what tipped the balance?

We wanted our son to go to a school that reflected our values. I remember meeting the teachers and being struck by their energy and enthusiasm. I remember our son thinking Mr. Ebenezer was inspirational (and so did we). I remember being impressed with the plans for the school day, the smaller class sizes, the opportunities of such a varied curriculum, the drive of those who started the school. I remembered thinking we could be involved and actually help shape the school, play a part in its future. It gave us great confidence. We actually felt incredibly lucky. It is hard to believe that was two years ago.

Now, looking back at our son’s first year at Fulham Boys, we have absolutely no regrets about our decision. There were things that worried us initially. The extended school day being one example, but it has actually been the making of our son. He has found clubs that he likes (Latin!). He enjoys music and cricket and is even about to play the part of Macbeth. Don’t get me wrong, we still have our challenges with him, such as trying to stop him from rushing his handwriting and getting him to actually finish a book. The school has that covered though because they know him.

As a family we have found the school to be both welcoming and approachable. The consultation meetings and progress reports have been particularly valuable and we are listened to as parents. I like that the school has high standards, wants all boys to do well.

As a parent, I know there is still a lot of hard work ahead and I recognise there will be challenges with the temporary site and the development of the new building. However, I am not at all worried about these challenges. The Fulham Boys School has fought tirelessly and has shown a huge amount of integrity in striving to fulfil the vision we share.

Our son is now in Year 8 and he is happy, making great progress and has a good group of friends. The teachers know his strengths and he is being challenged, whilst developing a strong core belief. He knows that if he works hard enough, he will do well. He is proud to be a Fulham Boy. Fulham Boys have a ‘can-do’ attitude and he is definitely now a fully-fledged Fulham Boy. Whilst we didn’t have that crystal ball two years ago, now we couldn’t be happier.”


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