Posted on 14/07/2014

From a Fulham Boys parent

Our guest blogger this week is FBS parent, Denise Paisley

My ten year old son has been a pupil at All Saints CofE Fulham since nursery-age. When news came out that there would be a CofE Secondary School for boys in our borough (something which was lacking as we had the girls’ equivalent – Lady Margaret – but no Cof E secondary for boys) then of course we jumped at the chance for a place in this school for our son.

We had waited with growing excitement while the plans for the school developed, and talked to the founders as they discussed what was needed in Fulham. When it came to the Open Days last year, we were so impressed at what the FBS Headteacher Mr Ebenezer had to offer the school and his first intake of boys that we were delighted on the 3rd March this year to receive the long-awaited email saying that our son had been offered a place at Fulham Boys School.

The anxious wait and worry of which school our little boy would end up going to was finally over and we could relax until…..July 1st. Two weeks before the end of term, we received an email from FBS saying how deeply sorry they were, but our son no longer had his place at the school due to the Department for Education pulling the plug on FBS at the 11th hour. Thinking I’d misread the email I read it again, and again.

How could they do this!!?? My son had attended two induction days, taken his banding test, he had made friends, met his new teachers, and came home excitedly saying he couldn’t wait to start his new school! He had been measured up for uniform and sports kit. Surely this was a nightmare and I’d wake up in the morning? Unfortunately not.

That evening we had to break the news to him and his devastated little face is something I will never forget.

Thirteen days have past and still my son and 84 others are school-less for September. My husband and I have been relentlessly writing emails and fighting to get FBS opened this September, which has taken up every waking hour. Our son’s end of year primary school production, and all the lovely things we should be enjoying, have been totally ruined by the worry and anguish of him losing FBS and having no other decent school to go to. The other schools that we put on our original application are full and we will not under any circumstance be accepting a school under special measures or one that he has to travel miles to get to. This was not one of our choices when we applied for schools nor is it a choice now.

We have been stripped of any choice and in fact, we don’t want any other school for our son except what was rightly his up until two weeks ago. We just want our Fulham Boys


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