Posted on 13/05/2014

Firm Discipline in a Caring Environment

Like everyone, I was shocked at the news of the stabbing of the much loved and well respected school teacher, Ann Maguire, in Leeds at the end of April. It was so sad to think a career and life that had influenced so many young people for the better should end in such a way.

Mercifully such incidents are rare, but watching the news and reading the newspapers over the last few weeks has made me think again about the importance of having a safe environment for our boys and staff in September. It has reinforced the importance of pastoral care and strengthened my resolve to set and maintain the highest standards of discipline at FBS and instil in our boys the most important discipline of all, self-discipline. We aim to do this in five ways:

  1. Firmly. We will insist upon the highest standards of uniform, attendance, punctuality, manners and conduct and take a no nonsense approach to bullying, drug misuse, violence, knife crime and other dangerous and anti-social behaviour. We have put in place the most serious consequences for such offences.
  2. Consistently. We will uphold these standards lesson in lesson out, day in day out, week in week out; ensuring that nothing gets missed or is allowed to slip.
  3. Proactively. We have appointed a team of staff who are committed to the safety and happiness of our boys and will show this commitment by being there for them at break and lunchtimes; as they arrive at school in the mornings and by ensuring they go home safely at the end of the school day.
  4. Pastorally. We understand that growing up in today’s world isn’t always easy and our boys, some in particular, face real pressures and difficulties. Over the next few months and years we genuinely look forward to getting to know them – over lunch every day, in clubs, in lessons, on school trips; building their confidence and creating an environment where they feel able to share their worries and concerns and trust us to help them sort them out. Furthermore, we hope that by getting to know the boys we will pick up on issues and sense when things just aren’t right.
  5. Positively. The school is built upon Christian principles which will run through everything we do. Boys will observe and be taught Christian values – kindness, fairness, honesty, unselfishness, self-control and being a good neighbour. Our hope is that the boys will adopt these values and model them in their own lives.

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