Posted on 28/11/2014

Down to business

Last week at FBS was one of the busiest so far. Two rugby fixtures for our A team and one each for our Bs and Cs. Four boys took part in a cross country competition at Orleans Park and 7H spent the day in the city learning about financial literacy and entrepreneurship. We had a visit from the Department for Education on Tuesday and on Friday hundreds of Year 6 boys came to FBS to sit the banding test. All hoping for one of the 120 place up for grabs in September 2015.

But the biggest event last week without a doubt was our opening ceremony on Thursday. The marquee was packed with over three hundred people, including councillors, business people, government ministers, the Bishop of Kensington, local residents, staff, parents and, most importantly, our boys. We had messages of support from Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Council leader Stephen Cowan and even from the prime minister’s office. The canapés were outstanding – what we have all come to expect from our resident chef Mike and his team.

Our boys looked immaculate and conducted themselves with real dignity. The public speakers recited Rudyard Kipling’s ’If’, Mazin Arif spoke eloquently about his first half term at FBS and the choir sung their hearts out to Ella Henderson’s ‘Ghost’. Not many 11 year old boys have the courage to sing in front of a 300 strong audience, especially one which includes their peers. Proud of you boys!

We once again made it clear that we are determined to be one of the country’s best schools in the next ten years – state or private. We continue to set out our stall as a school committed to academic excellence, high standards of discipline, and with social, business and personal enterprise in our very DNA. We’re determined that FBS boys will become rounded young men – that we will succeed in inspiring them to explore their creative talents to the full, and that whilst we may compete against the very best sports schools and bring home the spoils, we’ll not be content until even our most unsporty pupils have found at least one activity they really enjoy -. All of this underpinned by the Christian faith.

By setting such high targets we are conscious of the pressure we are putting ourselves under. But we are totally committed to our vision and confident about the plans we have put in place. What is important now is that we never lose sight of that vision, reminding ourselves every day of it, and making sure our plans are constantly checked and modified, where needs be, to ensure we are on track. We have made a flying start but there is so much to do, all of the time, to get us to where we have pledged to be.

Thursday night was a high day for FBS. But the dignitaries have left, the marquee has been dismantled, the canapés have been eaten and the Prosecco glasses returned. It is now time to properly get down to business.


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