Digital Prefects Visit Microsoft Headquarters

On Monday 7th  March the Digital Prefects were lucky enough to be given the chance to visit the UK Headquarters of Microsoft in Reading. Our day started with a presentation from some of the company’s Interns and Apprentices who also set us a quiz to see what we already knew about the company. After these presentations we were spoken to by one of the company’s employees who has worked on some of the world’s biggest Xbox games. It was really interesting being able to meet people who work for them with different levels of experience.

After this we were split into two groups and given a tour of all of the five buildings that they use which was really interesting. We were able to see a range of different departments that they run…although some of us were a bit distracted by the Xboxes dotted around the buildings for staff to play on when they wanted!

Before we left we were given the chance to spend some time using the new Micro:Bit’s (which haven’t been launched yet) which was not only interesting, but great fun too. The Micro:Bit is a small microchip that can be programmed to carry out a range of different tasks using its range of sensors. We were then set the challenge to use the Micro:Bit to produce a game of our choice with a range of Xbox games as prizes! It was a really exciting trip and a brilliant chance for us to see how a huge organisation like Microsoft works.

By Max Slough


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