Posted on 25/06/2014

Brawn and Brain

It was thrilling to see the very first Fulham Boys in sporting action at Bishop’s Park yesterday.

Our Head of Sport, Dan Lane, organised a fantastic sports day which included rugby, football and cricket. Based upon the talent on show, and given our Head of Sport’s commitment to coaching elite sportsmen, I’m convinced we’ll soon be making our mark on the playing fields (& the Thames) and become recognised as a serious sports school capable of competing with the very best.

For me though, what was even more heartening was seeing every boy trying his best and observing the first shoots of camaraderie growing within our first Year 7s. That ‘can do attitude’, competitiveness and willingness to put your neck on the line for a team mate will be the hallmarks of every Fulham Boy.

The event reinforced our commitment to making sport integral to FBS – not just for school pride and the proven link to improved academic results, but because we want to enthuse boys to be active for life. Sport is far more than simply winning, and as well as Dan Lane’s determination and ability to produce top sportsmen and teams he is equally committed to finding every boy an activity he enjoys. We want even the most ‘un-sporty’ to find an interest that proves absorbing and enjoyable, and in September we will encourage all pupils to try out new sports within the school’s extended day.

With the combination of dedicated staff, professional outside coaches, actively involved parents and enthusiastic boys, we believe FBS can become a beacon of sporting excellence, hand in hand with inspiring boys to academic excellence. Brawn and brain.


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