Posted on 05/12/2017

Barcelona 2017 – Armand writes…

The first day kickstarted with an early start, for some as early as 3:00am because we had to catch a plane for takeoff at 7am. This was good because, even though we were a bit tied we could benefit from a full 3 days of visits. We just got onto the plane and our adventure had started two hours later when we landed at Barcelona airport and went straight to the Barcelona Football Stadium. We had a 2 hour self guided tour of the press rooms, the changing rooms, the stands, the museum and finally, the most exciting, the sidelines. We then had time to go to the megastore, where some spent all their money! We then went to a mall close to the Hostel and were we had the choice of the Spanish Burger King or more typical Spanish Tapas for lunch. At the end of that tiring experience we came back to the hostel and rested for the rest of the day.

The second day was very much geared towards Gaudi’s architecture in Barcelona. The first place we visited was Park Guell which was a beauty of Barcelona with wonderful views. The most interesting thing about it was that the Park was completely architectured, planned and styled by Antoni Gaudi. We then had a break for lunch that was provided by the hostel. It was a brilliant time to appreciate the beautiful panoramas of the densest city in Spain. We then went straight to la Sagrada Familia, another of Gaudi’s collections. It was a very symbolic cathedral that will only be finished in 2026, after 144 years of work. The most shocking fact is that this monument was barely visited when first started but now is one of the most visited places in Europe. After a calm visit to the heart of the cathedral, we all needed sugar to wake us up. So what better treat than the traditional  Spanish Christmas snack, Turrons. After getting a few free samples and a boost of energy we headed back to the hotel using public transport. Once there, we settled down and then we all had dinner. Afterwards, some of us went shopping in the mall across the street to the hostel while the others were relaxing in their bedrooms. What a day! 

The last day started with a bit of grief after realising that it was the final day. We quickly got up and got going to make the most of the half day we had left. We went to the Barcelona Museum of art to enjoy the mouthwatering perspectives of the majority of Barcelona. We then followed by going to the Olympic Stadium that was for 1992 Olympics of Barcelona. Then, on the way to our surprise lunch location, we stopped at a churros bakery and ate the worldwide known Spanish snack. Quickly moving on we went to the beach to enjoy fun in the sand and a beautiful scenery to eat lunch. We decided to leave after spending a fun and tiring time to end our Catalonian dream. We then went back to the hostel and got our luggage to get the plane and arrive at school on time, with our minds pouring out with information to tell our families and friends. A great trip.

Thanks, Mrs Chetti!

By Armand de Lambilly


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