Posted on 23/10/2014

A half term is a long time in FBS

It is hard to believe that we are coming to the end of our first half term.

So much has happened since the boys first walked through the school gates on that historic day in September. They’ve had CATs tests, reading tests, spelling tests and baseline assessments in every subject, enabling us to be confident about their ability and what we need to do to really push them on. They have had a half term of first class teaching to inspire their minds and fuel their imaginations. They’ve been exposed to a variety of clubs including gardening, public speaking, architecture, choir, chess and a wide range of sports; something for everyone with more to follow, including dance and drama, Latin, technology, orchestra, an outside gym and more alternative sports.

On Wednesday afternoons they have had specialist rugby coaching and played their first inter-house fixtures. They have played games against others schools and won every match. Two classes have gone to the financial centre of London with RedSTART and learnt about financial literacy and entrepreneurship; the other three classes are going in November. They’ve met an American astronaut called Ron Garan and elected the first ever FBS House captains and vice captains. A professional violinist performed in assembly, inspiring nearly half the school to sign up for instrumental lessons. We have listened to Rupert, Jack, Pat and Reuben in assemblies, giving us important things to think about, as well as really enjoying singing to the accompaniment of our drummers. Uniform has been immaculate and the standards of behaviour we are striving for are becoming embedded. Some of our boys proudly showed parents and their sons around our school at our open days, while others sang and performed for them, gave speeches and demonstrated what happens in lessons. On top of all that, the food every day has been so good – fresh, local and nutritious.

Our boys have dined like kings, sung like larks, done business like Alan Sugar and played rugby like the Welsh! Who knows what the next half term has in store. One thing’s for sure, a half term is a long time in FBS.


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