Posted on 01/05/2015

A Fulham boy at 10 Downing Street

In a week’s time the country will go to the ballot box to decide on who should form the next government. It has been described as the most important election for a generation. While it is no doubt hugely important, at FBS it is in danger of being overshadowed by our first ever mock election!

Five boys have been chosen to stand as candidates, representing five of the main political parties. So far they have been given detailed information about the parties and with their two personal advisers, are preparing for a debate. This is taking place on Tuesday 5th May in the school hall in front of a live school audience, and we are relieved to say that all candidates have agreed to take part! The boys will vote two days later in their mock election on the same day as the national election.

We are also excited to be having a visit from a local parliamentary candidate who will talk to the boys about what it’s like to campaign and how they can get involved with politics.

The aim is for every boy to understand the system of government and main political parties in this country.  We want them to be ready to make informed and wise decisions as adults and to have an influence on the world around them.  One teacher during PHSCE this week cut bits out of political party manifestos, anonymised them, and then asked the boys based on what they’ve read, who he should vote for.

We hope that this experience will encourage some of our boys to become politicians in the future. With the standards we are instilling in them, the importance we are placing on character and putting the needs of others before themselves, and the ways we are nurturing an enterprising, ‘make it happen’, ‘boundary pushing’ spirit, it would be great to have a Fulham boy at 10 Downing Street one day!


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