Posted on 04/01/2022

111. First Term musings of a new teacher at FBS about to start his Second



The beginning of September always fills most teachers in the country with the fear of dread. Back to the daily grind of planning, teaching, marking, planning, teaching, marking and sometimes for students who don’t always appreciate what you have done or even want to be there. 

However FBS had a different feel to it compared to most schools I’ve worked in. Sure it’s hard work. Sure it’s long days (sometimes very long). But one thing is different. Majorly different. The boys REALLY appreciate it and value their lessons and their education and often end the lesson with a genuine “thank you for the lesson today sir”.

The communal feel around the school is different too. There is a genuine sense of working together. Not just, as you would expect, amongst the staff but also including the boys too. I've worked in a number of schools, not only in several boroughs across London but also in other parts of the country and I think it's rare to find this cohesive working relationship between students and staff. It adds something. Something special. Something that gives the brick walls that we spend the whole of our working days in a life and soul.

So as I got ready for my second term at FBS I started to ponder what I thought were the best moments last term. The moments that I think make it different to other establishments. The moments that I lock away in my memory to be excitedly retold at a later date (usually with a sprinkle of selective embellishment). So to mention  just a few… 

The Awards Evening that was presented by the one and only Mako Vunipola. As a massive rugby fan I found this evening amazing. Not only to see and hear from (the surprisingly quick witted) England international but also to celebrate the successes of the boys through what, I think can be considered, an exceptional year with a vast array of challenges. 

Or was it the official opening of the school hosted by Huw Edwards with Only Men Aloud also performing (I know, all a bit too Welsh some may say) but seriously. WHAT AN EVENING!

Or was it finding out about the Youtube channel that some of the boys are international superstars on? I believe they have close to 90 million views now. 

However, I think that for my favourite times I would have to go with lunch times on a daily basis. Not only because the food is great (which it really is), but because we all sit and talk together. Every day I talk to different students, to discuss the world and all that's in it. Sometimes it's just to have a joke and a laugh, sometimes to talk “shop” and help them with their learning but sometimes, the conversations are exceptionally deep and the discussions extremely thoughtful and well thought out. We don't always agree with each other,  but in true FBS character everyone listens and respects each other and always parts as friends.

And I think it is that message that I would like to leave you having finished the long first term and look forward to the second.  

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