Henry Koe - Head Boy

I’m incredibly grateful to have been selected as Head Boy here at The Fulham Boys School. I’m looking forward to working closely with the teachers and students in order to move our school forward. As Head Boy, I’m keen to develop and strengthen the existing school community and implement new exciting ideas and events that I hope will make our school a better, more successful and more enjoyable place to be.

Samuel Arcichowski - Deputy Head Boy for Academics

I am very grateful to have been entrusted the position of Deputy Head Boy for Academics, and it is a role I am particularly enthusiastic about because it means I can take care of an area I excel at. Given that most of the school day is spent in the classroom, I think it's crucial to make the most of it, ensuring that lessons are enjoyable and doing what we can to make sure everyone gets the support they need in order to succeed. Going forward, I hope that I can carry on the work that was done by the previous team whilst making sure that students have enough opportunities to give feedback to help us better understand where we can make improvements.

Joshuelle Asumio - Deputy Head Boy for the Arts

The foremost reason I wanted to get into this position was because I want to make the students represented in the areas of art, drama and music as well as spreading their creations into the public. The main motivator for getting into art as a kid was through things like Disney and other mediums such as cartoons and graphic novels. I also have a great interest in music (soundtrack composers such as Hiroyuki Sawano and John Williams) and drama (watching the school plays!) and I’d like to look into more of it, especially since I’ll be working with these departments in closer detail. 

Going forward, I want students who already enjoy these subjects to be better represented, but I also want people that are less interested in these subjects to join in and really enjoy them, as I believe being creative and expressing yourself imaginatively is important whilst going to school with a long school day. Despite not being core subjects, they are extremely essential for us in order to have a creative outlet that allows us to express what we’re passionate about. Feel free to bring your works and show them to me, may it be drawings, monologues/screenplays or even a song you composed yourself.

Toma Kerac - Deputy Head Boy for Chaplaincy

I am very excited to work within the school developing the already existing Christian Unions and Chaplaincy assemblies to make them interesting and engaging for people from all backgrounds. I hope to encourage a positive, caring community within the school by expressing the schools Christian values in a way that creates a welcoming learning environment for all students at FBS.

Tom Lewis - Deputy Head Boy for Enterprise

I have been at this school for many years and have incorporated Enterprise into everything I do, as it is a key pillar of The Fulham Boys School. As the Deputy Head Boy for Enterprise, I want to encourage this area throughout the school and give students the tools required to enter the real world and working space. I have always valued Enterprise and I will work with my prefects to champion Enterprise throughout the school.

Alfie Anstee - Deputy Head Boy for Sport

The role of Deputy Head Boy for Sport is very important to me. I don't believe that sport at FBS needs fixing as there is no need to fix what isn't broken, but my aim is to maintain the high level that the PE staff have set along with making Sport a very fun and enjoyable experience within the time that I have the role. I think that Sport is one of the core aspects of FBS. It brings people together, promotes new friendships and allows for link between Years 7 to 13. Sport is an aspect which partly defines our school and I take great pride in representing it. 

Kaan Isik - Deputy Head Boy for Wellbeing

Since embarking on my career as a Fulham Boy, I have found that incorporating all pillars of the school within myself to be integral and it is with my appointment as the inaugural Deputy Head Boy for Wellbeing that I wish to instil these values within every single student in the school. With the previous student leadership team not having a Wellbeing pillar, my team and I are keen to not only build but maintain the foundations previously set by all members of staff and students. I feel the environment they have established consists of an interactive and challenging atmosphere academically and a safe, kind space for the students to express themselves. Furthermore, it is with the introduction of the new pillar of Wellbeing that I feel the duty and passion to prove my capabilities in this respect and to shed light on this subject onto the students in The Fulham Boys School.

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