Enterprise at FBS

Along with ‘Faith’ and ‘Boys’, ‘Enterprise’ is one of our three core pillars that underpin all that we are at FBS. As a school we aim to develop ‘the whole child’ and we see becoming more enterprising as an excellent way of joining up all areas of learning while also developing key employability skills.

Personal Enterprise - problem solving, fearless of making mistakes

Personal enterprise is all about self improvement – becoming more enterprising ‘within yourself’. Teachers plan lessons that develop these skills. In designated enterprise sessions with their tutors boys work on setting themselves personal enterprise targets using our bespoke FBS enterprise levels. At the end of each year is ‘Enterprise Week’, where boys spend five days developing themselves and working in and with the local community.

Social Enterprise - game changers, teaching others to improve

FBS seeks to inspire boys to be community-minded and to strive to improve their world. In lessons boys benefit from their school being part of the Global Learning Programme, meaning that lessons have an element that educates boys about the world around them. Through co-curricular sessions boys seek to create projects and initiatives to address issues both local and global. In order to fulfil the requirements of their FBS Enterprise Award (see below) boys organise small tasks and larger projects. Students are involved in smaller events like the Macmillan cake sale or more long-term endeavours such as City Pitch – where boys compete with other teams across London to win funding for a community initiative. 

Business Enterprise - risk taking, teamwork

Part of our responsibility to our students is to ensure that they are prepared for life after education. We want to produce 21st century citizens who are secure socially but also financially.  A key part of this provision comes through the ‘Business Enterprise’ aspect of the Enterprise Award. Through our co-curricular programme students have the opportunity to set up small businesses. We also work with RedSTART and MyBNK to give pupils an insight into personal and business finance. From this they begin to learn about teamwork, managing expectations and improving their business acumen. Throughout the year students learn from a range of career opportunities involving people from a variety of backgrounds. Students attend careers speed-networking events and work closely with a huge range of partners such as Chelsea F.C. to develop business enterprise skills and knowledge of a range of possible careers and industries.  

The Enterprise Award

Boys at FBS engage with Enterprise in different ways and a range of awards and prizes are available for demonstrating success in these areas.

In KS3 (Y7-9) this is through a record of enterprise endeavour located in boys’ Google Drive. They have access to model examples and are provided opportunities to develop our core six Enterprise Skills in lessons, through ownwork and through co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities. 

At KS4 (Y10-11) boys’ Enterprise skills are developed through our careers programme. We make use of careers guidance software (Grofar) for boys to actively seek methods of enhancing their skills as well as opportunities to meet and work alongside a range of employers. Boys in KS4 undertake a maximum of 10 days of job shadowing in order to help shape their thoughts and ideas about future subject choices, apprenticeships, universities and careers.

Throughout KS5 (Y12-13) boys are thinking about the next step in their journey and are interested in maximising their chances of future success. Boys in Y12 undertake 5 days of work experience in an industry where they have specific interest. FBS also offers the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) which is valued by universities and employers, as well as the well-recognised Duke of Edinburgh Award.


Enterprise at FBS

Student Leadership

Leadership is developed in the house system, in lessons, in sports and in school clubs, encouraging responsibility and inspiring self-belief and confidence. Boys can also apply to become prefects. Prefect roles include: sport, music, digital, library, chaplaincy, enterprise and corridor monitors.

Enterprise Week

At the end of the summer term the school runs an Enterprise Week. In place of the normal school time- table, a range of activities gets boys venturing across London, participating in adventure training, immersed in business challenges and inspired by famous names.The Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Award

The DofE bronze award scheme starts in Year 9, with boys completing their overnight expeditions during the summer term, and organising and planning their volunteering, skills and sports options in the co-curricular and their own time.

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