Enterprise at FBS

Along with ‘Faith’ and ‘Boys’, ‘Enterprise’ is one of our three core pillars that underpin all that we are at FBS. As a school we aim to develop ‘the whole child’ and we see becoming more enterprising as an excellent way of joining up all areas of learning while also developing key employability skills.

Enterprise Week 2022

Once again, our Enterprise Week will focus our year-round programme of real-world skills and experiences, into a week of extraordinary activities to build on our boys’ development of the past year, and introduce new challenges for their next stage. Crucially, it will offer each year group opportunities to develop skills and knowledge that are not possible in the classroom. 

Year 7 – Teamwork – Students will put their entrepreneurial skills to the test by ‘launching’ their own business. They will learn how to become financially literate with MyBank. They will help engineer the future by designing their own HS2 railway. 

Year 8 – Game changers –  Students will put their entrepreneurial skills to the test by ‘launching’ their own business. They go out into our London parks to discover sustainable solutions for our climate problems. They will form a PR and media agency to help launch local bands and design the perfect day out on a budget by using “London as our classroom”. 

Year 9 – Problem solvers – Careers fairs & workshops, escape the room, taskmaster, puzzle post, the tube challenge and a student run alternative sports day. 

Year 10 – Inquisitive - Students are encouraged to secure their own work experience for this week. For those on site we have two in person/ virtual blended work experience opportunities in sport & construction as well as mini work experience projects with dozens of fortune 500 companies. 

Year 12 – Boundary Pushing - University tours in Brighton and London, Brighton activity, UCAS and apprenticeship workshops and an opportunity to draft personal statements with University admissions officers. 

By the end of Enterprise Week, a team of year 7s could have turned a £200 profit on a £10 investment. A year 12 student could be considering a university career for the first time. A year 9 could have just had their ‘Eureka!’ moment, using their science curriculum to solve a real-world problem. All our boys will have developed valuable employability skills: organisation, initiative, communication, confidence, problem solving, teamwork, financial capability, resilience and creativity, skills which our boys bring back into the classroom and will use for a lifetime.

With UCAS reporting that two thirds of employers look for candidates with work experience because they are simply more prepared for work, our Enterprise Week is more than a nice-to-have at the end of term, it is building our boys’ future. However, despite our best efforts, each year some boys are unable to join in activities such as work experience simply because their families do not have the same opportunities or connections as others.

As a school we want to give boys universal access to all our Enterprise Week activities, but, obviously, these activities cost money: a specialist work experience immersion placement for a boy (who would otherwise be accommodated in school) costs around £1,000 per student per week. If you can help financially or with a work experience placement, please do contact us at: communications@fulhamboysschool.org.uk.

If you are able to make a donation for Enterprise Week 2022, please click HERE.

Personal Enterprise

Personal enterprise is all about self improvement – becoming more enterprising ‘within yourself’. Teachers plan lessons that develop these skills. In designated enterprise sessions with their tutors boys work on setting themselves personal enterprise targets using our bespoke FBS enterprise levels. At the end of each year is ‘Enterprise Week’, where boys spend five days developing themselves and working in and with the local community.

Social Enterprise

FBS seeks to inspire boys to be community-minded and to strive to improve their world. In lessons boys benefit from their school being part of the Global Learning Programme, meaning that lessons have an element that educates boys about the world around them. Through co-curricular sessions boys seek to create projects and initiatives to address issues both local and global. In order to fulfil the requirements of their FBS Enterprise Award (see below) boys organise small tasks and larger projects. Students are involved in smaller events like the Macmillan cake sale or more long-term endeavours such as City Pitch – where boys compete with other teams across London to win funding for a community initiative.We have a committed team of prefects and lower school students who organise weekly fundraising events to support our school charity - Dad’s house. To find out more about our school charity click here.    

Business Enterprise

Part of our responsibility to our students is to ensure that they are prepared for life after education. We want to produce 21st century citizens who are secure socially but also financially.  A key part of this provision comes through the ‘Business Enterprise’ aspect of the Enterprise Award. Through our co-curricular programme students have the opportunity to set up small businesses. We also work with RedSTART and MyBNK to give pupils an insight into personal and business finance. From this they begin to learn about teamwork, managing expectations and improving their business acumen. Throughout the year students learn from a range of career opportunities involving people from a variety of backgrounds. Students attend careers speed-networking events and work closely with a huge range of partners such as Chelsea F.C. to develop business enterprise skills and knowledge of a range of possible careers and industries.  

The Enterprise Pit

We encourage our Fulham Boys to; be Inquisitive, Have a Go, be Problem Solving, be Game Changers, use Teamwork, and Push Boundaries.

The Enterprise Award

Once students have logged evidence of meeting our 6 enterprise skills within their work (personal)  and have evidenced examples social and business enterprise through co-curricular and external activities, they are entitled to apply for the FBS Enterprise award. The process consists of a presentation of their enterprise log and a viva with the Enterprise team. As well as a very sharp looking tie pin (bronze, silver, gold) the award can be included in their CV and personal statements  for university. Furthermore, successful candidates will be eligible for the Enterprise grant (up to £150 for gold award) to use as seed money for their small business/ social enterprise venture. All students will be expected to present their award once a year during Personal Enterprise day.  An example of the award can be found below. 

Throughout KS5 (Y12-13) boys are thinking about the next step in their journey and are interested in maximising their chances of future success. Boys in Y12 undertake 5 days of work experience in an industry where they have specific interest. FBS also offers the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) which is valued by universities and employers, as well as the well-recognised Duke of Edinburgh Award.


Enterprise at FBS

Student Leadership

Leadership is developed in the house system, in lessons, in sports and in school clubs, encouraging responsibility and inspiring self-belief and confidence. Boys can also apply to become prefects. Prefect roles include: sport, music, digital, library, chaplaincy, enterprise and corridor monitors.

Enterprise Week

At the end of the summer term the school runs an Enterprise Week. In place of the normal school time- table, a range of activities gets boys venturing across London, participating in adventure training, immersed in business challenges and inspired by famous names.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) scheme is hugely popular at The Fulham Boys school; we currently have over 100 pupils involved across all levels, from Bronze to Gold Awards. Boys learn to be self-reliant, independent, active and giving, and all thoroughly enjoy the experience.They also achieve an Award that’s recognised by employers and can help them stand out when applying for uni or for jobs. 

The DofE Bronze Award journey at FBS starts in Year 9, with boys organising and planning their volunteering, skills and physical activities in their co-curriculum / own time from September, and completing their overnight expeditions during the summer term.

The award is run by a small group of dedicated staff, and parent volunteers who give up their time to help the pupils complete the sections and supervise the expeditions. Expedition destinations include The New Forest and the Brecon Beacons.

For more information about The DofE Award scheme at FBS please click here

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