Christian Values

FBS strives to be a community shaped by Christian values and characteristics.  We therefore use a list of Christian values as a foundation for teaching the boys about Christian character and development.

Promoting and explain Christian values around the school

  • Every week has a dedicated Christian value (e.g. Welcoming in the first week). The week’s assemblies and reflection times are then linked to that Christian value.
  • Every classroom has the Christian value and enterprise skill for that week displayed in a prominent location.
  • More detailed Christian value posters are displayed in specific areas around the school – these explain the Christian values, how they point to Jesus and how they could be seen in action in FBS.
  • Teachers regularly draw attention to the Christian values in lessons (e.g. discussing service or honesty when doing peer assessment).

Staff regularly refer to the Christian values when doing follow-up to an incident of poor behaviour or in the mentoring of a boy.

Our Vision

The Fulham Boys School is a Church of England school built upon the Christian faith and Christian principles.

Four foundations:

  1. Everyone will learn about Christian values, as described in the Bible and demonstrated perfectly by Jesus Christ. We will try to follow them as a community in everything we do and as we develop good character.
  2. Everyone will have regular and varied opportunities to learn about the main beliefs of Christianity and the claims of Jesus Christ.
  3. Everyone will have the opportunity and will be encouraged to think and ask questions about these beliefs and claims. Everyone will be able to give their own view in response, whatever that may be.
  4. The Christian ethos will have an impact on every area of school life, be that assemblies, form times, lessons, break and lunchtimes, sports afternoons or any other occasion. It will have an impact on learning, behaviour, PSHCE, pastoral care and pupil and staff welfare.

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