Christian Union

Each year group has its own Christian Union (CU), run by the Chaplain or another member of staff, which meet during a lunchtime. Often 10-15 boys will attend their CU where they will chat, sometimes play a game and always discuss a part of the Bible.  Over the past five years the CUs have done series on Bible books including Genesis 1-12, Exodus 1-20, Isaiah, Romans, Colossians, 1 Thessalonians and Revelation. 

In addition to this we run a ‘Just Looking’ CU for boys who are interested in finding out more about Christianity; we have used SOUL, Uncover, Identity and Youth Alpha courses for these sessions.  We also run a ‘Big Questions’ CU for boys who have burning questions and are happy to debate, and a ‘Dig Deeper’ CU for boys who want to think about some in-depth theology and doctrine.

There are a number of CU trips that happen during the year, including to youth events such as Sorted and REBOOT. Any boys, whatever their background or beliefs, are welcome to attend CU.

CU boys doing a Q&A with the former Bishop of Oxford.

School Prayer Meeting

Each term there is a school prayer meeting where we meet to pray for the needs of our school community.  Staff, parents and governors are all welcome to attend.  These begin at 6:00pm at the school and will last for around 1 hour, with the Chaplain introducing the time with a short encouragement from the Bible.

Dates for 2018-2019:

  • Wednesday November 7th
  • Wednesday February 6th
  • Wednesday May 22nd

There is also a fortnightly parents prayer meeting that meets at the school on a Tuesday morning. Please contact the Chaplain if you would like more information.


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