The Fulham Boys School is a Church of England school built upon the Christian faith and Christian principles.


The Christian ethos is at the heart of The Fulham Boys School. It is one of our three ‘pillars’ (faith, boys, enterprise) and has an impact on everything we do

The role and vision of the Christian ethos can be summarised in five basic points:

  1. Everyone will have regular and varied opportunities to learn about the main beliefs of Christianity and the claims of Jesus Christ.
  2. Everyone will have the opportunity and will be encouraged to think and ask questions about these beliefs and claims.  Everyone will be able to give their own view in response, whatever that may be.
  3. Everyone will learn about Christian values, as described in the Bible, demonstrated perfectly by Jesus Christ and reflecting God’s character.  We will try to follow them as a community in everything we do.
  4. The Christian ethos will have an impact on every area of school life, be that assemblies, form times, lessons, break and lunchtimes, sports afternoons or any other time.  It will have an impact on learning, behaviour, pastoral care and pupil and staff wellbeing
  5. Boys who would identify themselves as Christians are helped to grow in their faith. 

The Chaplain (Mr Brown) leads on the Christian ethos in the school; all staff support and are involved in embedding it.   

School Prayer



FBS strives to be a community shaped by Christian values and characteristics that reflect the character of God and the perfect example of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible.  We use 6 key Christian values as a foundation for teaching the boys about Christian character and development, focusing on one each half-term. 



Each year group has its own Christian Union (CU), run by the Chaplain or another member of staff, which meet during a lunchtime. Often 10-15 boys will attend their CU where they will chat, sometimes play a game and always discuss a part of the Bible.  Over the past few years the CUs have done series on Bible books including Genesis 1-12, Exodus 1-20, Isaiah, Romans, Colossians, 1 Thessalonians and the ‘I am’ sayings of Jesus. 

In addition to this we run Big Questions CUs for boys who are interested in finding out more about Christianity - who have burning questions and are happy to debate. We have used SOUL, Uncover, Identity and Youth Alpha courses for these sessions.  

There are a number of CU trips that happen during the year, including to youth events such as Sorted and REBOOT. Any boys, whatever their background or beliefs, are welcome to attend CU.



Each term there is a school prayer meeting where we meet to pray for the needs of our school community.  Staff, parents and governors are all welcome to attend. 

There is also a fortnightly parents prayer meeting that meets at the school on a Tuesday morning. Please contact the Chaplain if you would like more information and would like to be put in touch with the parents who coordinate it.

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