A Free secondary school for boys

About The Fulham Boys School

The Fulham Boys School is a Free secondary school for boys.  Founded by local parents and teachers, it opened with its first Year 7 boys in September 2014 and now has almost 700 boys including more than 100 in the Sixth Form.

As a Free school, FBS receives funding from the Department for Education.  Free schools are accountable to the Department directly, rather than to the local authority, and have the freedom to set their own school terms and days, curriculum, and staff pay and conditions.  At FBS this is reflected in our longer school day, to allow for a full co-curricular program, a curriculum geared to boys’ ways of learning and focussed on developing their enterprise, and remuneration schemes designed to attract and retain some of the county’s most inspiring teachers.

Three vital ingredients make up the school’s ethos: Boys, Faith and Enterprise.

We aim to build a school that is geared towards Boys, built upon Christian principles and which nurtures Enterprise. FBS is focused on instilling a ‘can do’ culture: raising expectations of achievement and providing opportunity for boys from the local community to achieve success regardless of background, ethnicity and ability.

FBS delivers this through:

  • teaching strategies aimed at raising achievement for boys

  • high standards of pastoral care

  • an academic curriculum that will equip FBS boys to apply for Russell Group universities

  • commitment to developing entrepreneurial flair, skills and habits in FBS boys, to serve the community as well as their later economic well-being

  • sport central to school life

  • a wide range of co-curricular and vocational activities

  • a powerful partnership between school, parents and community

  • firm discipline and clear boundaries with high standards of uniform, behaviour, attendance and punctuality.

The Fulham Boys School Ofsted Report - May 2017

Overall Effectiveness


Effectiveness of leadership and management


Quality of teaching, learning and assessment


Personal Development, behaviour and welfare


Outcomes for pupils


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