The Fulham Boys School

Building character

By introducing new notions of business social and enterprise.

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Embedding Christian values in everything we do

Teaching strategies aimed at raising achievement for boys

An academic curriculum that will equip FBS boys to apply for Russell Group universities


Sport is central to school life

The school’s ambition is that every boy will reach his full sporting potential and learn essential life skills through sport, and that he will find an interest that stays with him well beyond his school years.

Every boy will be encouraged to try out different sports during the extended day, with less traditional activities as highly regarded as mainstream sports

Sports and Physical Education

Our vision

The Fulham Boys School

Our pledge, and unflinching resolve, is to be one of the best schools in this country state or private in the next ten years. 

To achieve this and pull off the seeming impossible, we have created and constantly reinforce a very distinctive ethos. It is an ethos that is built upon the Christian faith, nurtures enterprise and is geared towards boys.


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Sixth form 2019

The school will be admitting its first intake to the Sixth Form in September 2019.

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Three vital ingredients make up the school’s ethos: Boys, Faith and Enterprise. We aim to build a school that is geared towards Boys, built upon Christian principles and which nurtures Enterprise. FBS is focused on instilling a ‘can do’ culture: raising expectations of achievement and providing opportunity for boys from the local community to achieve success regardless of background, ethnicity and ability.

Headmasters Welcome

FBS is a Free School, which means we are a publicly funded independent school. We embrace our independence which is evident in the way we design our curriculum, structure our school day, appoint and retain our staff, manage our finances and above all our distinctive school ethos.

This ethos underpins everything. It is an ethos that is geared towards boys, nurtures enterprise – business, social and personal – and is built upon the Christian Faith; an ethos which relies on strong leadership, is committed to firm discipline, academic excellence, a love of sport and an appreciation of the arts. It is an ethos that transcends backgrounds and abilities, making FBS a truly comprehensive school. It is what drives our unswerving commitment to being one of the best schools in this country – state or private.

Alun Ebenezer, Headmaster

Fulham Boys Twitter Feed

Posted 11/07/2019


When we finish term on the 12th July, The Fulham Boys School will be 5 years old.  Quite a milestone for many reasons: It’s the last time we break up for the summer without a set of external exams results;  We come back in September to our inaugural Sixth Form; It’s the last time we’ll return after the summer holiday to our temporary site;  It’s the half way mark to our pledge when we opened of becoming one of the best schools in the country – state or private – within ten years.  A good time to take stock:  What has gone well?  What could we have done better?  What next?  Are we half way to achieving our holy grail of being among the best?

Posted 14/05/2019

School Science Conference 24th April 2019

On the 24th April 2019 Fulham Boys School participated in the School Science Conference which took place in University of Westminster. Among other things they got to know how to use ultrasound, they were introduced to pathology and presented their project on air pollution. Well done for winning the competition!!

Posted 15/05/2019

Biarritz and Bilbao 2019

Having met at school and leaving by coach at around 7:30pm, we made our way south to Folkstone to board the Eurotunnel. Safe to say, everyone was quite excited and loud!

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