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The Fulham Boys School

Our pledge, and unflinching resolve, is to be one of the best schools in this country - state or private in the next ten years. 

To achieve this ambition, we have created and constantly reinforce a very distinctive ethos. It is an ethos that is built upon the Christian faith, nurtures enterprise and is geared towards boys.

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Welcome to The Fulham Boys School

The Fulham Boys School opened in September 2014 with its first Year 7 pupils. With boys now all the way through from Year 7 to 13, we are particularly proud this year to see our first group of Sixth Form boys graduate with many of them heading off to university. We are also delighted, finally, to be on our brand new, state of the art, purpose built site.

FBS is a Free School, which means we are a publicly funded independent school. We embrace our independence which is evident in the way we design our curriculum, structure our school day, appoint and retain our staff, manage our finances and above all in our distinctive school ethos.

This ethos underpins everything we do and is serving us well during the uncertain days we live in. Our flexible approach to learning and use of technology meant we were well prepared for the challenges of lockdown - and we will be ready to go again should we find ourselves in a similar situation in the future. Moreover, our boys and staff have embodied FBS’s ethos in the resilience, kindness and can do attitude they have demonstrated through the Covid crisis. It is an ethos that is geared towards boys, nurtures enterprise - business, social and personal - and is built upon the Christian Faith; an ethos which relies on strong leadership, is committed to firm discipline, academic excellence, a love of sport and an appreciation of the arts. It is an ethos that transcends backgrounds and abilities, making FBS a truly comprehensive school.

Moreover, FBS is more than just a school. We are a real cooperative. FBS is all our school and as such relies completely on total buy in from parents, teachers, boys, governors and founders. Together, we believe we can fulfil our unswerving aim of becoming one of the best schools in this country - state or private. 

Alun Ebenezer, Executive Headmaster

Please see Governors' Announcement - April 2022


We are non-selective in our intake and cater to the academic and pastoral needs of every boy we teach. We keep classes small so that students get the full benefit of our rigorously-recruited teaching staff. Our facilities, engaging curriculum and innovative teaching methods have all been designed specifically for boys. From the library, stocked with series we know boys love, to our extensive co-curricular programme, we aim to ensure all boys have the support they need to excel.

As Head of School my ambition is to instil The Fulham Boys School with a culture of academic excellence, in an environment shaped by our outstanding pastoral care and commitment to enterprise and Christian ethos. Students should enjoy their education, being able to question and challenge. They should learn how to grapple with misconceptions and grow through both their successes and failures. A young man is shaped through many factors, and working in partnership with parents is essential for the future success of our boys.

We are committed to ensuring that the content and impact of our curriculum, and our regular assessment of pupils’ progress, allows all of our students to be the best that they can be; for young men to be equipped for the challenges they will face and to thrive in the world they live in.

David Smith, Head of School

Choosing the right secondary school is one of the most important decisions most parents take. We promise an academic education geared to make the most of boys’ strengths and abilities, and a wide-ranging co-curricular programme to ensure every pupil leaves The Fulham Boys School inspired and confident.

Our new permanent home is truly equipped to bring out the best in every boy who walks through its gates. I am convinced that it will be quickly established as a Fulham landmark – and not just for our boys. I hope it will become a venue to serve all in our community who are excited by the school’s three pillars - the Christian Faith, raising achievement for boys, and enterprise.

A school like FBS will always have strong ambitions and we are committed to growing and sharing our facilities, creating a legacy to serve the school, and our neighbours, for generations to come. Everything about FBS has been designed around the unique needs of our community, to be pioneers in boys’ education. As an independent school, which is state as well as donor funded, all parents are asked to support the school practically and, where they can, by making voluntary financial contributions.

Strong leadership and our distinctive ethos have enabled us to attract outstanding, inspirational teachers. I am resolute that FBS continues to excite our staff and our pupils alike. And I’m determined that, if you choose our school for your son, his years at FBS will see him flourish, and find his unique talent and realise it, for the benefit of all.

Alexander Wade, Chairman of Governors

Fulham Boys Twitter Feed

Posted 24/01/2022

115. Time to say Goodbye

In the last nine years I have made countless speeches and written over a hundred blogs. Many of them at difficult, turbulent and testing times. Speeches and blogs about why FBS should be allowed to open; as a battle cry over site; in defence of our strict policies and advocating our distinctive approach. But this blog is by far the hardest, because it is the last blog I will write to you as the Headmaster of The Fulham Boys School.

Posted 24/01/2022

113. The importance of assessment, and what it shows us - Guest blog by Sam Johnson – Deputy Head Teacher (Quality of Education)

In a world with no summer GCSE or A Level exams for the past two years assessment remains as, if not more, important than ever. But why? There is a call from some nationally to totally reform the exams systems in the UK but there is even greater drive from the vast majority across education to ensure exams go ahead this year. In a world turned upside down by a global pandemic, why is assessment so important? Aren’t there more important things we should be focusing on? At FBS we have been relentless in our focus on education and we believe assessment goes hand in hand with that; let me explain why.

Posted 10/01/2022

112. Why ‘The Arts’ matter to FBS - Guest blog by Joe Brasse, Head of Performance Arts

The late, great, educationalist and author Sir Ken Robinson argued "that children do not grow into creativity but are educated out of it by school systems that prioritise academic achievement and conformity instead of liberating imagination and initiative.” Leaders with real vision - whatever their field - do not come forth from a straitjacketed educational environment. Nationally, Arts in education may be in crisis, but FBS staunchly advocates the role that they have to play in every young person's life. Boldly, and unapologetically, written on the walls of the school corridor it reads: "It's cool to SING, ACT and make ART".

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